What is an algorithm and why does it matter?

Frankly, the world 'algorithm' used to give me cold sweats. I'd imagine I am back in high-school calculus trying to comprehend what implicit differentiation is. Xs, Ys and integrals swirl through my head, and leave me dizzy. Maybe that's why I'm on the marketing team at Terrain Data, rather than the engineering team?

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Blame it on the Black Box

 An algorithm must be seen to be believed. - Donald Knuth

For a math equation, the good-ole algorithm is getting a lot of shade recently. As a recent article in the New York Times notes, these days big data, artificial intelligence and the tech platforms that put them to work have huge influence and power. Algorithms choose the information we see when we go online, the jobs we get, the colleges to which we’re admitted and the credit cards and insurance we are issued. It goes without saying that when computers are making decisions, a lot can go wrong.

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Revealing Terrain

Terrain has created the world's first system for e-commerce companies that makes it easy for marketers to build, manage and optimize algorithms that drive personalized discovery.

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