But what about the kids?

"Honey, we can't afford to buy a house here in Palo Alto. We should move back to Austin." I sprang that on my wife the other day, after a frustrating afternoon of home shopping - well actually not shopping - because the cheapest house for sale in Palo Alto is over $2.5M.

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World Class ETL for Building Algorithms

The fact is that great algorithms require great data sets. Getting actionable data into your data science workflow is a frequent stumbling block that prevents otherwise motivated teams from getting out of the algorithm-building starting blocks. At Terrain, we've experimented with various data import and transformation processes, from an uploaded CSV to a direct connection with a customer's Elastic cluster. The result of this experimentation is that today, we revealed a major upgrade to Terrain: a world-class data management solution for data science and machine learning.

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5 data science skills that real estate professionals need to know

The best real estate professionals are knowledgable, responsive communicators who constantly multi-task across many clients, properties and proposals. They need to be always informed of market conditions, client needs, property details, and still keep an eye on the competition. It's a hectic but rewarding career.

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Drip Algorithm Campaigns

We are all familiar with drip marketing campaigns that send a steady set of messages to prospects with the hope that repeated exposure to your brand and message will trigger a further interest in your product or service. Heck, you might be reading this blog post because of one. But now you can make your marketing campaigns smarter by implementing a drip algorithm campaign.

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Are you ready for an Algorithm Management System?

 Today, every company needs hundreds of algorithms. How can you build, manage and optimize them?

There is an arms race brewing in the world of intelligent algorithms that drive smarter results for users. Over the past decade, the information available to make informed decisions has grown by 100x while the relative screen size apportioned for this decision making has shrunk by a factor of 10.

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How does Terrain compare to Personalization Tools?

One of the questions we get from savvy marketers is how does an algorithm management system like Terrain compare to personalization software vendors. After all, both types of tools are sold to marketing organizations and the tech teams that support them so they can have better, more personalized results presented to site visitors. So why would you consider one versus the other?

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